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Partial Solar Eclipse to happen on Oct 25; next will be seen in India only in 2032

A lunar or planetary eclipse occurs when one heavenly body passes through the shadow of another. When the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, it completely blocks the Sun’s light from reaching Earth, causing a solar eclipse. The Moon’s shadow falling on Earth causes a solar eclipse.

Total solar eclipses, partial solar eclipses, and annular solar eclipses are the three different forms of solar eclipses.

When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are not quite lined up, there is a partial solar eclipse, which causes the Sun to appear to have a black shadow covering a portion of its surface. A partial solar eclipse has three distinct phases: its commencement, its peak, and its end.

The moon moves over the disc of the Sun in its initial phase, reaching its maximum when the largest portion of the disc is covered. The third phase is when the moon begins to move away from it, allowing sunlight to pass through.

On October 25, a partial solar eclipse will take place from 8:58 am until 1:02 pm. The magnitude at the time of the eclipse will be 0.862.

A partial solar eclipse will be visible from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Western Asia, the North Atlantic Ocean, West China, India, and its surrounding nations, including the North Indian Ocean, according to the MP Birla Planetarium in Kolkata.

The next Partial Solar Eclipse will occur on March 29, 2025. However, it will not be visible in India. The only partial solar eclipse that will be visible from India will happen on November 3, 2032.


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