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Doing these three things after having sex is important

Here are a lot of things to do before sex to make the experience a better one. But there are a certain thing to do after the activity, Here are a few things every woman should try and do after sex.

1. Go Pee: It is the most important thing to do after having sex.  Penetration during sex allows bacteria to get closer to the urethra. Women have a shorter urethra as compared to men, which makes it easier for bacteria to travel to the bladder. This makes women more susceptible to Urinary Track Infections (UTI). Peeing after sex helps flush some of these bacteria out of the urethra and reduces the risk of a UTI.

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2. Hydrate Yourself: Sex is a kind of exercise.  Not drinking enough water after vigorous activity could dehydrate your body. So, it’s as important for you to hydrate yourself post sex as it is after a session at the gym.

3. Keep It Clean:  Clean the area around your vagina post sex to help get rid of infection causing bacteria. All you have to do is take a soft, clean cloth with some soap and water and gently clean the area, using front to back motion. Internal cleaning is not necessary as the vagina has its own cleaning mechanism.


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