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Vintage Item? A factory-sealed original iPhone was recently purchased for Rs 32 lakh.

Apple’s products, particularly iPhones, have a devoted following. That’s great. Additionally, we have witnessed long lines of irate customers waiting to purchase Apple’s most recent iPhone. Therefore, it is understandable why bidders were willing to fork over a significant sum of money to get a vintage iPhone that was just put up for auction and was still in its original, unopened box from 2007. The phone, which was first offered in 2007 for $599, about Rs 49,200 today, was sold at the auction for $39,339, around Rs 32,34,000.

From a different angle, it appears that the unopened iPhone served as the owner’s best investment decision. A first-generation iPhone 8GB model that was unopened was sold for $39,339.60 in a recent LCG Auction auction in Los Angeles, around Rs 32,34,000. In 2007, the first-generation iPhone went on sale for $599,around Rs 49,200.However, the identical phone was worth 65 times more than it did when it was first purchased after 19 years.

According to reports, the 2007 iPhone started at $2,500, about Rs 2,05,500 and stayed above $10,000, roughly Rs 8,21,990 for the first two days of the auction at LCG Auctions. However, a new and greater bid for the item appeared on the last day. In the end, the highest bid of $39,339.60 was accepted. In an auction held by RR Auction earlier this year, an untouched first-generation 2007 iPhone in a sealed box sold for $35,000, almost Rs 28 lakh. Additionally, an Apple-1 circuit board that was manually soldered by Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak was offered for sale during the auction. For $677,196, that computer was sold, around Rs 5,57,62,485.

On January 9, 2007, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. The original iPhone included features including a touchscreen, camera, and web surfing. After five months, it was put on sale. Its touch-based interface and the idea of a ‘computer in the hands’ completely altered how people access and utilise the internet, making it a game changer not just for the phone market but also for the whole technology industry. This is most likely the cause of the original iPhone’s fame, which accounts for why the 2007 model was auctioned off for such a hefty sum.


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