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Win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and assist in forming a non-BJP government at the centre are the objectives:Stalin.

The DMK’s top priority, according to party leader and chief minister MK Stalin, is to win all 39 of Tamil Nadu’s Lok Sabha seats as well as the one seat in Puducherry in the 2024 parliamentary election.

The next objective is to make it easier for the Centre to create a new government that is dedicated to social justice and federalism.

‘We would take political measures directed at it in the lead-up to the (Lok Sabha) election (in 2024),’ he said in a video message.

It is the first instalment of DMK’s ‘Answers of one among you’ video message series, which aims to engage the audience. (In Tamil, Ungalil Oruvanin Pathilgal).

‘Narpathum Namathe, Nadum Namathe’ is a Tamil political catchphrase used by the DMK. The phrase approximately translates to ‘We own the country and all 40 Parliamentary constituencies.’

The outreach program’s goal of DMK, is to respond to questions posted by users on social media platforms about topics including Dravidian ideology, Dravidian model government, administration, and so forth.

Stalin, the Chief Minister of the Party, would respond to inquiries.

In response to a question about the NEET, Stalin expressed his confidence that Tamil Nadu would be granted an exemption.

‘Don’t assume it won’t happen just because there is a delay,’ the speaker advised.

The top DMK official criticised the BJP-led Centre for the ‘NEET-injustice’ and predicted that the public would give the Saffron party a suitable lesson in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In response to a query regarding a statement that the BJP is attempting to operate a ‘parallel government’ through its governors, he stated: ‘We are running the government by facing this issue.’

The duties of the governor and chief minister, who are elected officials, are spelled forth in our constitution.

No one will experience any issues if they adhere to it. It might prevent pointless problems.

‘More than 70% of the electoral commitments the DMK government made prior to the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly election have been met. The DMK government would have created additional welfare programmes had the state government’s financial situation been better and if the Center had provided adequate support’ he said.

The President Minister requested office holders to swear allegiance to securing a landslide victory for the party in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and emerging as an unstoppable force in national politics shortly after he was elected as party chief at the general council meeting held recently.


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