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8 years ago they became Muslims, and now the whole family is Hindu!

Lucknow: A Muslim family of five has reverted to Sanatan Dharma in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. The members of this family have now been given a new Hindu name. Eight years ago, the family, who were Bijnor residents, decided to convert from Hinduism to Islam. They returned to Sanatan Dharma again as time went on because they recalled their religion, rituals, and traditions. The family’s patriarch, Sandeep Saini, claims that they were once a Hindu family before, but they have just reverted back to their roots.

Five members of the same family were inducted in Sanatan Dharma with entire rites at the Yoga Sadhana Yashveer Ashram in Baghra, Muzaffarnagar district. Mohammad Ahmed was given the new name Sandeep Saini during this time, while Sania was given the new name Seema Saini. The previous names of the members of the family were likewise reinstated. The Saini family of Bijnor, who had previously converted to Islam, joined Hinduism on Wednesday, according to Sanyasi Yashveer of the Yashveer Ashram (October 19, 2022). He prayed in accordance with the rules, sang Vedic mantras, and circled the ashram.

Family members were purified by sprinkling Gangajal on them at the same time as this ritual. The ashram’s visitors also showered the family with flowers at this time. During this, Swami Yashveer said that individuals are being lured into religion at the local madrasas by using seductive tactics. There should be an investigation by the police administration.


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