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Rishi Sunak the front-runner to be the next UK Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak is regarded by some Conservatives as the minister who helped Britain survive the COVID pandemic, by others as the traitor who stabbed Boris Johnson, or as Liz Truss’s adversary who foresaw the chaos her tax proposals would cause.


He must now decide if he can persuade Britain’s ruling party that he is the one who can keep the country out of disaster.


Despite being the most well-liked candidate among Conservative legislators in parliament, the former finance minister came in second place in the most recent election to determine Britain’s prime minister, which barely ended six weeks ago.


He was, however, defeated by Liz Truss in the crucial vote by grassroots party members, many of whom held him responsible for the defeat of their idol Boris Johnson.


Sunak’s stunning departure in July sparked a cascade of ministerial resignations that ultimately forced Johnson to resign from the top position in Downing Street.


Sunak warned that Truss’s tax cuts would increase borrowing costs during the leadership race in the summer. Her economic programme caused a bond market crash, which ultimately led to her defeat.


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