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Democrats look to Obama for a midterm miracle, or at very least to stop the bleeding.

With less than two weeks until the midterm elections in the United States, Democrats are pleading with former President Barack Obama to perform late-game heroics – or at the very least assist reduce their losses.


Obama, who left office in 2017 after two terms, flies to Georgia on Friday, then to Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, all of which are critical battleground states in the Nov. 8 election.


All four states have close Senate contests, with Republican candidates gaining ground. Republicans need just one more Senate seat to retake control of the chamber, and Georgia and Nevada are good possibilities.


Republicans are also projected to pick up enough seats to gain control of the United States House of Representatives. With control of both chambers, they will be able to stymie President Joe Biden’s agenda, stop his nominees, including federal judges, and initiate investigations into his government.


According to the most recent Reuters/Ipsos survey, Biden’s favour among voters is hovering around 39%, meaning the former president is assuming the position as the party’s closer in the closing days. Biden was Obama’s vice president during both of his administrations.


‘He’s probably a better ambassador for swing-state Democrats than Biden is,’ said Jacob Rubashkin, an election analyst with Inside Elections in Washington. ‘He’s more popular – especially in competitive states – and less tied to the current issues on voters’ minds.’ ‘He’s also a better campaigner.’


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