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Know why women prefer to have sex with younger men

As per several studies, older women prefer to have sex with younger men. Experts point out several reasons for this.

Here are some:

As per studies, most women prefer the robust sex drive, sexual endurance, reliable erections, and erectile stamina of younger men. Most young men want to have sex with a sexually experienced, assertive, confident, and active partner and thus they prefer to have older women. A younger man is more open to his female sex partner taking primary responsibility by signaling what she wants to happen in their sexual relationship. They also engage in unconventional sexual practices or fantasies.

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Most women feel attracted to men who are physically fit and having a muscular body.   It makes sex way more active and adventurous for them. Most older women think that younger men  have more endurance.

Sex with younger men tends to give women an ego boost. It helps them feel better about themselves.



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