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Know the advantages and disadvantages of pre-marital sex

In the Indian society pre-marital sex is considered a taboo. But the issue is a debatable one.  Here are some pros and cons of having sex before marriage:


Sexual experience: Pre-marital sex gives you an experience of sexual relationship. It will make you aware of know how and what you like in bed. Having sex with your partner before marriage helps you open up and you do not feel lost. This also helps in building confidence.

Sexual compatibility: It is better to know  the sexual compatibility before getting married. Post marriage you are stuck with one person and if the sex is not good, you have no option but to be stuck in that relationship.

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Sexual problems: Pre-marital sex will help a person to recognize sexual problems. This will help them to fix it.

Stress levels: It is  a fact that sex reduces stress. Premarital sex helps in managing the stress that arises from arguments in relationships.


Interest: In many scenarios, men or even women tend to lose interest after having sex. They become comfortable to the point that nothing new is left to explore after marriage.

Pregnancy: One of the main con of pre-marital sex is pregnancy. No contraceptive is 100% safe. There is always a chance that you can get pregnant and that means chaos in your life.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) is the main con of pre-marital sex. Having multiple partners is one of the main cause of STDs.

Guilt Feeling: Many people tend to regret having sex with someone before marriage. Some people do see it as a sin if they belong to a conservative household.


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