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Parties at odds in litigation ahead of U.S. midterm elections

Democrats and Republicans are already squabbling over state voting laws and ballot counting procedures in a flood of lawsuits filed in the months before the next midterm elections in the United States.


Here is a list of notable cases that were brought up before the election on November 8 and their current status.


In November, a lawsuit brought by the Republican National Committee against Clark County, Nevada, officials was settled, requiring election officials to disclose the political affiliations of poll workers. This month, the party brought a comparable lawsuit to get data on Maricopa County, Arizona, poll workers.


In order to overturn new restrictions on partisan poll monitors, the RNC also successfully sued government officials in North Carolina and Michigan.


Voting rights organisations have filed a lawsuit against ‘drop box watchers’ in Maricopa County in Arizona, alleging that their tactics, including carrying firearms and tactical gear, intimidate voters who go to the boxes to cast their ballots. That case is still open.


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