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Dinesh Karthik was required to perform ‘blind drills’ before India’s match against South Africa at the T20 World Cup.

Before India’s T20 World Cup match against South Africa, veteran Indian wicket keeper Dinesh Karthik was forced to perform ‘blind drills.’ Karthik, the Indian team’s first-choice wicket keeper, squandered a stumping opportunity against the Netherlands in India’s most recent game, but it appears that the coaching staff is making every effort to make things right.


News source from Perth by PTI says, Karthik engaged in two distinct drills to improve his reaction time: the first involved covering the ball’s path with towels, and the second involved a kit bag and rubber bat to speed up Karthik’s movement behind the stumps.


Karthik was harmed while attempting to catch a strong throw, and according to PTI, he had a good view at the inners of the gloves. Nobody’s injuries were mentioned at the press conference.


Given that Perth is known for providing extra bounce, Karthik, 37, will need to exercise extra caution. The hitter had been in excellent form prior to the T20 World Cup, but he struggled against Pakistan in a game under pressure.


Rishabh Pant was spotted striking the ball with disdain, with the exception of Karthik, but it appears that the Indian team will not select him for the starting lineup once more. In a press conference on Tuesday, India’s batting coach Vikram Rathour stated that KL Rahul, who is out of shape, cannot be dismissed from the team due to two poor performances.


Karthik was chosen as the Indian wicket keeper, so Pant has been waiting on the sidelines. However, if the veteran is unable to perform against South Africa, things may change.


India will be cautious of South Africa’s pace assault, which enters the game after two breathtaking performances against other teams.


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