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Know all about ‘Sexual anorexia’

Most of the people do not openly discuss sexual problems even with their partner. The main reason for this is unscientific notions about sex, sex myths  and moral thoughts surrounding sex.

But to lead a health sexual life these problems must be addressed. Like any health problem, sexual problems  must also be discussed openly. Medical advice must be sought if it is necessary.

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Sexual Anorexia: Sexual Anorexia is a state of mind.  A person with  Sexual Anorexia  will  deliberately avoid sex. Sexual Anorexia is not a lack of sexual drive or interest in sex.  People with Sexual Anorexia will be afraid of sexuality and intimacy with a partner. Thinking of having sex will make them  scared and they will think  about avoiding it anyway.

Fear of intimacy, intimacy, intense sexual interest, fear of being attracted to someone, confusion, doubt and fear of one’s own sexuality, and feeling bad about oneself are the  symptoms of Sexual Anorexia.


It can also be characterized by engaging in sexual affairs with non-emotionally intimate partners, making up sexual fantasies and stories, being isolated from others, excessive use of pornography, spying into others’ private and sexual lives and excessive self-indulgence.

Medical science has yet not revealed the exact  cause of sexual anorexia.  But many experts suggest that childhood trauma, emotional neglect, poverty, sexual-physical-emotional abuse, sexual humiliation, and the death of loved ones can lead a person to sexual anorexia.

This condition can be overcome with step by step therapy.


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