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As the air quality is expected to worsen tomorrow, Delhi halts construction.

According to most construction and demolition projects in Delhi have been put on hold because the capital’s air quality is expected to deteriorate starting on Tuesday due to calmer winds and other weather-related factors.


Every winter, Delhi, the most polluted city in the world, becomes almost uninhabitable as the cold, heavy air collects construction dust, car emissions, and smoke from the burning of crop wastes in Punjab and Haryana, two neighbouring states, in preparation for a new crop season.


Central Pollution Control Board informed that the air quality index (AQI) reached a top of 415 in Delhi’s Anand Vihar on Monday, which is more than eight times the ‘excellent’ threshold. A number exceeding 400 is deemed ‘severe,’ and it can have an adverse effect on both healthy individuals and persons who already have serious medical conditions.


Gopal Rai, the environment minister, stated in a news conference on Sunday that experts anticipate a decrease in wind speed and a change in wind direction beginning on November 1. According to that, it is anticipated that the AQI will exceed 400 and enter the severe category.


When the limits could be eased was not specified by Mr. Rai. Mr. Rai stated that 586 teams had been established to oversee construction projects and that hospitals, railroads, airports, and other similar public institutions would be spared.


He said that almost 233 anti-haze weapons would be deployed together with 521 machines that would sprinkle water around the city to reduce smog.


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