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A three-year-old from Bengal enters the World Records for having the best memory.

Children are amazing as they are, but some of the next generation’s trailblazers have skills that transcend their years. This is the tale of a 3-year-old West Bengal child whose outstanding memory earned him a spot in the International Book of Records.


The International and India Book of Records both list Abhilasha Akhuli for her memory and mental acuity. Abhilasha, who is only 3 years and 8 months old, established the first world record by correctly identifying all 26 NATO phonetics and alphabets, ranging from Alpha to Zulu, in less than 24 seconds. Later, in just 5 minutes and 51 seconds, she broke the second record. She also memorised the names of 62 different animal breeds. She recalled their English names for their habitats and the sounds they made. With her flawless talent, Abhilasha has raised the bar for the International Book of Records.


According to Mousumi Akuli, Abhilasha’s mother, ‘I want my daughter to do the best for herself.’ She said, ‘She must pursue all opportunities for achievement in life.’


Vishwarup Akhuli, the father of Abhilasha and a central government official, said that his daughter is curious. Vishwarup recalled an event from the time they visited the zoo and stated, ‘The one time we visited the zoo, she was quite excited. She was curious about animals. Later, she could recognise the animal toys I bought for her on her own,’ he noted.


Abhilasha, a prodigal daughter, lives with her parents in Gangajalghati, Bankura. She has started attending the Vivekananda Mission School. In addition to having a passion for learning, Abhilasha is also a talented dancer and poet.


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