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The man who burned his married lover to death is given final rites by Vellore police.

G Ramesh, who is accused of murder, had his last rites performed by Vellore North police on Wednesday because his family would not accept his body.


‘His body was interred in a churchyard near the Palar river after we dug a pit for it. Hindu tradition was followed in performing the procedures’ said police officer N Yuvraj, who carried out the funeral rites.


In order to meet Thilagavathi (38), with whom he was having an adulterous affair, Ramesh (48), a bachelor, was staying in Mullipalayam in Vellore. Thilagavathi had two daughters and was married. Since they were both locals of Gudiyatham, Ramesh had known her since they were young children.


They used to meet in secret and had a long-lasting relationship. According to the authorities, Thilagavathi decided to quit the relationship because of remorse.


Ramesh was unable to accept it, so he began to argue with her. On September 23, during one of these exchanges, Ramesh doused Thilagavathi in gasoline and set her ablaze. Ramesh was tightly gripped by a scorching Thilagavathi. He was able to get out from under her control and go.


At the Government Vellore Medical College Hospital in Adukkamparai, Ramesh was receiving treatment for 50% burn injuries while Thilagavathi, who had 95% burn injuries, passed away the same day. Ramesh was charged with murder in accordance with IPC section 302.


Police reported that he was pronounced deceased on October 21.


‘His family in Gudiyatham was informed, but they objected to receiving his remains. The village heads served as our mediators during our discussions with his family, but they refused to accept his body’ a senior policeman stated.


‘We performed the last rites in accordance with protocol because none of his relatives came forward,’ the officer said.


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