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Couples must undergo these medical tests before marriage

Before getting married all couples must take some medical tests. These pre-marital medical tests are important. For a successful marriage, both parties must be in good physical and mental condition.

Here are the important pre-marital medical tests:

HIV Test:  AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which also makes the body less able to fight infections. It is critical for couples to take the test and evaluate their results before getting hitched.

Fertility Test: Couples to have a fertility test is very much important . If you and your partner are certain that having children or biological children is not in the cards, you can skip this step.

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Genetic Test: Knowing if one has inherited or is predisposed to acquire any of these disorders is beneficial.

STD Test: It is essential to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. It is crucial for a successful marriage and the partner’s health.

Blood Group Compatibility and Thalassemia Test: Blood group incompatibility or a partner’s thalassemia might cause birth abnormalities in the foetus or pregnancy difficulties. It is important to evaluate the Rh factors of both couples and get medical guidance if necessary.

Mental health status: Knowing about any mental health issues is crucial since they can have an impact on a marriage and can be passed on to biological children.


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