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Armed detainees attacks UK immigration centre: Report

London: As Britain struggles to deal with thousands of freshly arrived migrants, detainees ‘armed with guns’ have sparked a disturbance at a London immigration centre, the PA news agency said on Saturday. Following claims that 4,000 migrants were being kept at the Manston receiving facility near Dover on the south coast, which was built to house just 1,600, the UK government has been on the defence this week.

Last Sunday, a man who was subsequently discovered dead also threw firebombs at another Dover receiving centre. At Harmondsworth Detention Center near Heathrow Airport, it was not immediately apparent exactly when the alleged disturbance occurred. The event occurred during a power outage, according to the Home Office, although nobody was hurt.

According to a statement, ‘work is presently being done to remedy this issue,’ there had been a power outage at the Harmondsworth immigration deportation centre. We are aware that there has been a disturbance at the centre, and the relevant authorities have been alerted and are on the site. According to a report by the PA news agency, ‘a number of inmates exited their apartments and headed outside into the courtyard area equipped with various armaments’.

According to the Daily Mail, on Friday around 7:45 p.m., police were first summoned to the centre. Images showed specialised police officers showing up in riot gear. The British government is debating how to handle a record number of migrants arriving in tiny boats in the English Channel from northern Europe. The government’s home affairs select committee was informed on October 26 that an unprecedented 38,000 persons had undertaken the risky voyage since the year’s commencement.

Suella Braverman, the British Home Secretary, sparked anger earlier this week by referring to the immigrants as a ‘invasion,’ which earned her a reprimand from the newly appointed UN rights leader. Additionally, claimants have allegedly been imprisoned for weeks in makeshift detention facilities due to Braverman’s apparent refusal to provide them housing. Concerning the circumstances at the Manston site, campaigners have threatened to sue the government.



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