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In Maharashtra, a village school developed innovative programmes to encourage kids.

Students up to Class 5 are taught social responsibility, encouraged to care for their environment around the school, and motivated to succeed in a Maharashtra village school located on a hillock 45 km from the district headquarters.


This elementary school in the Aurangabad district has created strategies to maintain children’ interest in the programme and guarantee attendance. The elementary school in Babuwadi-Chartha village, managed by the Zilla Parishad, has only 50 pupils and two instructors.


Students in grades K through 5 have received instruction in social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and academic motivation through a variety of programmes. Through its programmes, like cleaning, planting saplings, and enjoying ‘no bag’ days, kids have come to adore the school.


In order to help pupils modify their study habits and complete their assignments on time during COVID-19, the school has also implemented the smile-badge programme. Additionally, if students turn in their assignment on time, they will receive this badge.


Schools have also been implementing a no-bags initiative for the past four to five years to support this. On this particular day, students and teachers engage in various activities, including yoga, gardening, and other pursuits.


Students’ attendance records have also improved as a result of this, and they have begun to look forward to going to class.


Since 2017, three students got admition to Navodaya Vidyalayas, while 15 students have won scholarships.


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