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Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, orders the chain of suppliers to stop providing alcohol.

The Bihar government has now revised its approach to enforcing prohibition severely in the state and determined that the objective of the excise department and police would be to disrupt the supply chain of alcohol rather than arresting individuals caught drinking.


At a review meeting on liquor prohibition in the state on Monday, which was presided over by the chief minister Nitish Kumar, it was decided that the excise and police departments should focus more on finding active suppliers, smugglers, and sellers of alcohol in the state rather than prosecuting those who consume alcohol or are found intoxicated.


After the review meeting, Chief Secretary Amir Subhani addressed the media and said, ‘It is preferable to seize the liquor supplier so that the supply chain to 1,000 people is broken if we arrest a supplier who has connections to 1,000 users of alcohol. It is not that if someone is caught drunk they will not be detained, but the priority today would be to interrupt the supply line of liquor in the state.’


The state government of Bihar has repeatedly altered its approach to enforcing prohibition since it was instituted there in 2016. The most recent strategy adjustment aims to stop the state’s supply of alcohol and capture the distributors and vendors.


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