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Star of Kantara Rishab Shetty will not act in a Hindi movie

Even as Kantara, his most recent film, continues to shatter linguistic and cultural barriers all throughout the nation, Kannada actor and filmmaker Rishab Shetty maintains his groundedness. He doesn’t think he’s famous and he doesn’t think too highly of Kantara’s achievements.

In his most recent interview, Rishab stated that he had no intention of engaging in direct employment inside the Hindi film industry. ‘I want to act in Kannada films. A proud Kannadiga, I am. I’m here today thanks to the Kannada community and the Kannada film business. My family and friends won’t change their minds just because a movie becomes popular. My passion is for Kannada film’ ‘Bollywood Bubble,’ he said.

Rishab appears to be still having difficulty accepting Kantara’s widespread acceptance. The success of the movie won’t, however, alter the way he produces movies in the future. ‘I don’t think I have to do the films a certain way. I’m going to tell the stories. If people like my content, I will present it here (in the Hindi belt), otherwise, I will just release it in Karnataka. I didn’t make Kantara with a plan to make it a pan-India film; the film itself found its way across the country and we don’t even know how it happened (of my region).’

Kantara has amassed over Rs 200 crore in worldwide revenue and was written and directed by Rishab, who also starred as the lead. The Hindi-dubbed movie is competing favourably with fresh Bollywood releases at theatres throughout the Hindi-speaking region. The Hindi version of the movie has so far made around Rs 62 crore. And it’s still playing with great success in a lot of theatres all around the north belt.


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