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Buckingham Palace unveils a new monogram for Queen Consort Camilla

Buckingham Palace has unveiled a new monogram for Queen Consort Camilla, according to the BBC.

Prof Ewan Clayton of the University of Sunderland designed the new cypher, which combines the Queen Consort’s initials (‘C’ and ‘R’ for Camille and Regina) and a crown. Cyphers are heraldic monograms that represent the reigning monarch or their consort of a given country.

In a tweet, The Royal Family’s official Twitter handle revealed the cypher.  ‘The Queen Consort’s new cypher is made up of Her Majesty’s monogram (‘C’ for Camilla, and ‘R’ for Regina, Latin for Queen) and a crown. The cypher will be used on official correspondence.’ the caption read.

As stated in the tweet, the cypher will now appear on personal letterheads, cards and gifts.

Buckingham Palace unveiled King Charles III’s cypher in September. It carries Charles’ essentials (CR) and is crowned. His cypher will appear on banknotes, coins, government buildings, passports, royal and state documents, and other items that use heraldic symbols.


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