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Woman detained in Karnataka for ‘honey-trapping’ a 79-year-old man

A 32-year-old lady has been detained by the Karnataka Police for allegedly luring a 79-year-old man into a honeytrap and attempting to extort Rs 15 lakh from him in the Davangere district.


The offender was identified by the authorities as Yashoda, a conductor for a private bus company. According to the police, she has a child and has been divorced from her husband.


The victim and Yashoda allegedly became acquainted a few years ago, and a hand loan of Rs 86,000 was obtained from him. The man asked her for the money multiple times, but she never returned it. She invited him over to her place about a month ago and gave him a sedative-laced juice. He lost consciousness and when he recovered, he was naked.


Yashoda began to yell at the man, accusing him of sleeping with her and making a film of it. She wanted Rs 15 lakh and threatened to disclose the footage to his wife and kids if he didn’t pay. The woman insisted on receiving Rs. 15 lakh notwithstanding the man’s offer of Rs. 7-8 lakh.


The man eventually told his son about the incident, and together they went to the KTJ Nagar police.


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