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Kerala bride signs agreement allowing husband to go out with pals until 9:00 pm without being questioned

Many people find marriage to be an exciting prospect. But few people are prepared for the conceivable changes it would bring about. It becomes crucial to communicate and meet each other’s wants and expectations when you have a life partner. While some people ignore the latter, others are fortunate to have friends who are willing to go above and beyond and advocate for them.


In Kerala, a group of friends forced a bride to make the commitment that she wouldn’t interfere with her husband’s time with pals till 9 o’clock every day. The bride, however, was required to sign a document attesting to her acceptance of their offer.


On November 5, the incident happened in Kanjikode, Palakkad. ‘Even after marriage, my husband Raghu S KDR would be entitled to spend time with his buddies until 9 pm and I hereby promise that I would not disturb him on phone during that period,’ the bride Archana S agreed to in a Rs. 50 stamp paper contract.


Raghu is one of 17 badminton players in a group on Whatsapp. At their weddings, they regularly catch each other off guard. One of their strategies was the contract.


Across the meantime, these instances are becoming more frequent in the nation. A lady from Assam was recently requested to sign a contract after the wedding. The agreement included a few things, such as one pizza per month and consenting to ‘ghar ka khana,’ wearing saree everyday, etc.


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