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King Charles asks British parliament to let his brother and sister to act in his place

On Monday, King Charles urged the British parliament to change the law to allow two more of his brothers to act on his behalf in his absence, joining a group that already includes his disgraced brother Prince Andrew.


Charles, who turned 74 on Monday, called for the number of Counsellors of State to be extended to include his sister Princess Anne and youngest brother Prince Edward in a statement read out on his behalf in the House of Lords, the upper chamber of parliament.


The Counsellors are chosen from the monarch’s spouse and the four people next in line to the throne to act on his behalf in his absence to carry out all but the most important responsibilities, such as choosing a new prime minister.


This includes the king’s younger son Prince Harry, younger brother Prince Andrew, and Andrew’s eldest daughter Princess Beatrice, in addition to Charles’ wife Camilla and his eldest son and heir Prince William.


Some commentators have criticised this because neither Andrew nor Harry perform official royal duties any longer.


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