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A ‘fresh start’ for America: Trump announces 2024 presidential run!

On Tuesday, former US President Donald Trump made the long-awaited announcement of his run for the 2024 presidency. In his address, he referred to the news as the start of America’s return after becoming a ‘failing nation’ under Joe Biden’s leadership.

The audience applauded as he declared, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished visitors and my fellow countrymen, America’s return begins right now’. In 2021, when he was about to leave office, Trump reflected on how the country was poised for its golden period. Our country was at the height of its strength, affluence, and reputation, dominating all competitors and foes alike while confidently and powerfully marching into the future.

Trump criticises the Biden administration
Men, women, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans were all prospering like never before, he claimed, adding that ‘together we produced the greatest economy in the history of the planet’.  In a stark contrast to the present, Trump said that Joe Biden is to blame for America’s fall and its deteriorating state, having brought ‘pain, misery, worry, and despair’ to the nation. In his address, he stated that ‘as we speak, inflation is at its greatest level in over 50 years, gas prices have risen to their highest levels in history, and anticipate them to go much higher’.

The 45th president went to great lengths to brag about how America prospered back then, unlike today, when it is experiencing an unsteady economy and is ‘on the verge of a nuclear war’.  He said that he was running for president of the United States in order to save the ‘American dream’ and added, ‘For the purpose of making America great again, I announce my candidacy’.


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