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Female executive who complained about hostile work environment for women compensated with $12 million by Goldman Sachs

According to Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs allegedly paid a seasoned female executive who complained about hostile work environment for women in the most senior positions at the reputable corporation more than $12 million.

In the court case, David Solomon, the legendary Wall Street investment firm’s CEO, was accused of bragging about having oral sex.

Two years ago, the financial company allegedly attempted to keep the details of the dispute from becoming public after reaching a settlement with the former business partner.

She said that senior Goldman Sachs executives made lewd and demeaning remarks about women.

The lawsuit also makes the claim that Solomon allegedly made his statement soon after he took over management of the company in 2018.

The study, which asserts that the investment bank encouraged a sexist atmosphere, claims that at least three officials overheard Solomon’s alleged utterance at the time.

Bloomberg claims that the statement stood out because Solomon, 60, delivered it in such an unusual way. The bank has vehemently denied the accusations.

According to the story, the company permitted senior employees to use vulgar and filthy language and Goldman agreed to compensate the female employee with ‘far over’ $12 million.




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