Polish President: There Is No ‘Unequivocal Evidence’ Of Who Fired The Missile

The missile that killed two people in a Polish town on Tuesday wasn’t clearl shot, according to Poland’s president, who added that it was ‘most likely Russian-made.’


‘We do not currently have conclusive proof of who fired the missile. A probe is still being conducted. It was likely made in Russia,’ On Wednesday, the president, Andrzej Duda, spoke to media.


It was an ‘isolated’ incident, said Duda.


Nothing, he continued, ‘tells us there will be more.’


The missile was previously identified as being manufactured in Russia, and the foreign ministry summoned Moscow’s ambassador to Warsaw to provide ‘immediate detailed explanations.’


The meeting with the Russian ambassador ended ‘before midnight,’ informed the ministry, which provided no other information.


Russia is to fault for launching a barrage of missile strikes throughout Ukraine that left millions of homes without electricity, according to Ukraine.


Joe Biden, who was on the phone with Duda, reportedly vowed to provide ‘assistance in the form of American expertise to help us investigate at the site of this horrible occurrence.’


At a Wednesday meeting with other NATO ambassadors in Brussels, he added that it was ‘highly likely’ that Poland’s ambassador to the alliance would ask for urgent consultations under Article 4 of the NATO Treaty.


Any NATO member may request consultations when they believe their ‘territorial integrity, political independence, or security’ are in jeopardy, Article 4 of the NATO Treaty.


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