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Starbucks employees in 100 U.S. locations intend to strike for one day.

More than 100 Starbucks locations owned by American businesses plan to have a one-day strike on Thursday in protest of what they claim is unlawful retaliation against their union organising.


The strike occurs on the one day a year when Starbucks gives away red, reusable cups decorated for the holidays to customers who buy coffee. The offer has in the past increased traffic, which led to long queues and businesses fast running out of cups.


The employees complain about inconsistent timetables and low pay. Additionally, they are protesting Starbucks’ alleged illegal reprisal against them for organising a union, including the termination of employees, closing of stores, and other activities.


A worker in Buffalo, New York named Michelle Eisen stated, ‘We’re organising for a voice on the job and a true seat at the table.’


Nearly 9,000 Starbucks outlets in the US are owned by the company.


‘Starbucks has stated that it respects the right of employees to form unions, that store closings were brought on by safety issues, and that fired employees broke corporate rules. Negotiations have allegedly been stalled,’ informed both the firm and the union.


In August, Starbucks was ordered by the National Labor Relations Board to rehire several sacked baristas who were union supporters.


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