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Ronaldo refutes rumours about no new signings, rejects ‘Saudi deal’

Ever since there were rumours that Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave the Red Devils before the summer transfer window opened, he has become the talk of the town. The Portuguese international reportedly tried to break through the club’s doors in order to play in the Champions League but was unsuccessful. The Manchester United star reportedly received a sizable offer from a Middle Eastern club during transfer negotiations. The player finally discussed the enormous transfer offer in detail in the second segment of the Cristiano Ronaldo interview.

Cristiano Ronaldo considers a lucrative transfer to Saudi Arabia.
Cristiano Ronaldo acknowledged turning down a sizable offer from a Saudi Arabian team for the summer in an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan. Following rumours from TVI and CNN in July, news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Arabia captured everyone’s attention. Portugal said that the package includes a transfer fee of £30 million as well as an astounding sum of £105 million annually. At the same time, an additional £20 million has been provided for agency costs.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner was asked if a Saudi Arabian team had approached him about signing a two-year, €350 million (£305 million) contract. When discussing the same, he remarked, ‘Yes, it is true; it is true. Yes, at that particular time, I declined. Many, many of what they [the press] say is utter nonsense. Jorge Mendes has more than 100 players and they go to Chelsea and Arsenal, but they constantly mention Cristiano Ronaldo’.

And he said, ‘I am, even at 37 years old, the player with the highest pay in the history of the Premier League, so let’s be honest about it. The media even made me an offer to play for Sporting [Lisbon] or Napoli. I’ll be honest with you; while I didn’t have a tonne of clubs, I did have a tonne of offers from other clubs. However, the nonsense that the press keeps reporting—that no one wants me—is untrue. Since I was thrilled to be working for United, I was inspired to have a successful season. But they persist in saying that no one wants Cristiano. What makes them think they don’t want a guy who scored 32 goals last year, [including] for the national team?’

Cristiano Ronaldo admits to ‘nearly’ joining for Manchester City.
During the transfer period, there were rumours that Cristiano Ronaldo might join Manchester City, Manchester United’s most ferocious rival. The Portuguese superstar was quickly signed by United thanks to their prompt intervention. At the last minute, Ronaldo chose to join United over Manchester City, his cross-town rivals, and he admitted as much, saying, ‘Well, honestly, moving to City was close. Guardiola said two weeks ago that they made a lot of effort to have me during their lengthy conversations. My history, though, is with Manchester United, as you are aware. It makes a difference that your heart is still making you feel the same way it did previously. Naturally, Sir Alex Ferguson is included as well. Because the heart speaks loudly in situations like those, it was a deliberate choice’.


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