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P Chidambaram said in Sahitya AajTak that ’embracing one faith’ is what secularism means nowadays.

P Chidambaram, a senior member of the Congress and a former finance minister, claimed that the concept of India has been weakened during the past few years. Speaking at Sahitya AajTak, 2022, P Chidambaram asserted that the concept of ‘secularism’ has being twisted over the last several years.


P Chidambaram, the head of the Congress, remarked, ‘A lot is happening in India, but I don’t think there is much contemplation on what is happening to India. Even though what is happening in India is routine, what is happening to India is much more alarming and serious.’


In the past two to two and a half years, ‘forces that are eroding the idea of India have been at work,’ P Chidambaram stated.


‘The Preamble to the Constitution enshrines the concept of India. India is envisioned as a nation where social, economic, and political justice underpin all facets of daily life. The well-known trio of equality, liberty, and fraternity also serves as an example of India. These terms cover all aspects of civil society, but we added ‘secularism’ to emphasise that point,’ the Congress leader said.


Chidambaram claims that the idea of secularism has significantly deteriorated in recent years.


‘In the previous few years, many of the principles (preserved in the Preamble) have been weakened, some very, very seriously damaged, but not yet beyond repair. For instance, secularism has suffered significant damage. We have misinterpreted and perverted secularism, and it now implies that you must adhere to a specific religion in order to enjoy all of your rights in this nation,’ said Chidambaram, who made the statement on Saturday.


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