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How does Japan aid in suicidal adolescents using toilet paper rolls?

Japan is currently employing toilet paper to combat the problem of adolescent suicide in the nation, which is a fairly odd strategy. To support suicidal youngsters, Japan is putting encouraging slogans and suicide prevention hotlines on toilet paper.


According to reports, Yamanashi officials launched a campaign with the assistance of mental health specialists that used toilet paper printed with encouraging phrases and hotline numbers. An official stated that when a person is alone in the bathroom, they are more likely to experience ‘thoughts of misery.’


Officials stated that encouraging writings on toilet paper can be a useful tactic to discreetly assist the worried youth.


‘Dear You, You don’t Have to Tell Us Everything, Spending Painful Days Pretending to Be Okay For Someone Else… anyway, how about a little of it?’ is a message printed on the toilet paper. The toilet paper rolls also included images of a curled-up cat and a woman holding an umbrella while looking skyward.


To date, 12 regional institutions have received approximately 6,000 printed toilet paper to assist the kids.


Notably, Japan has been battling the problem of teenage suicide for a very long time.


According to the Health Ministry of Japan, 499 students between the ages of elementary, middle, and high school committed suicide in 2020, setting a new record.


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