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Internet sensation: homeless man sleeps on a tiny mattress with seven stray dogs.

The majority of people in today’s fast-paced world are competing with one another to survive and achieve their goals. Many people in this race lack empathy and kindness. A small number of people don’t fit into the latter category, though. One homeless man was seen utilising his meagre means to provide refuge for a couple of dogs in an image that has been going viral online.


A man is seen napping in front of a store’s shutter in the endearing picture. He is dozing off on a little mattress. Seven stray dogs are also lying on the mattress next to him. The man has not only let the animals sleep on his mattress, but he has also placed an open umbrella next to them so they can get some shade.


Susanta Nanda, an employee of the Indian Forest Service (IFS), posted the picture on Twitter. ‘Our heart must be large enough to handle this big world,’ he said as the caption.


Numerous people were affected by the image online. They were moved by it, and they couldn’t stop praising the kind deed of the homeless man. The homeless man’s heart was praised by many. The man is claimed to have a ’24-carat gold heart.’ Someone exclaimed, ‘So heartwarming!’


‘Wow, God on Earth,’ said another. What a dude, commented a third individual. The man’s name and the scene of the photograph are now unknown. More than 900 people liked the story on the social network.


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