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Shocking! Teen asks court to let her witness father’s execution

A 19-year-old girl in Missouri, United States, has asked a court to allow her to witness her father’s execution by lethal injection. The guy, Kevin Johnson, is scheduled to die on November 29 for the 2005 murder of a police officer. When his daughter was two years old, the 37-year-old was incarcerated in 2005.

Khorry Ramey, the child, has expressed a desire to see her father’s execution. However, it is against the law in Missouri for anybody under 21 to view an execution. The American Civil Liberties Union submitted an emergency request to a federal court in Kansas City on Monday, claiming that Khorry Ramey’s constitutional rights are being violated by the statute.

Ramey referred to her father as ‘the most important person in my life’ in a court declaration. If my father were in the hospital dying, she added, ‘I would sit by his bed holding his hand and praying for him until he passed away, both as a source of support for him, and as a source of support for me as an essential part of my mourning process and for my peace of mind’. Johnson’s attorneys have in the meantime submitted appeals in an effort to stop the execution.

Why Kevin Johnson on death row?
In July 2005, several police officers went to Kevin Johnson’s house to execute an arrest order for him on suspicion of violating his probation. According to reports, Johnson’s 12-year-old brother, who had a congenital heart problem, was ill and subsequently passed away in the hospital. Johnson reportedly shot the officer numerous times when he subsequently went to the neighbourhood to look into an unrelated complaint.


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