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Avoiding these mistakes in bed will make your love life better

Mistakes committed during sex will ruin your love life. Sexual problems begin to dwindle a couple’s life when these mistakes overpower the sensuality and pleasure during sex.

Here are some common mistakes that people make during sex:

Hurrying: Hurrying to reach orgasm is one of the biggest mistakes that people make during sex. It should not be your goal. Take it slow and take your time exploring your partner’s body. Focus on what your partner is making you feel. Do not  rush for an orgasm.

Do not look for time: Never loom for the time during sex Do not  have the mentality that you will have sex with your partner only for 10 or 15 minutes. Scheduling your sex can be one of the worst mistakes you can do in bed.

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Trying same  sex positions: Never stick on to a sex position. Always try to experiment in sex. The same old missionary can be really boring. Trying out different sex positions can increase the intensity and induce greater sensual feelings.

Checking in with your partner:  Before trying a new method or experiment in sex check with your partner. Couples forget to check up on their partner during and after sex. And this may cause a greater rift in the relationship.




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