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Kanye West is back in the news for things he did with his former Adidas employees in order to control and bully them

Kanye West consistently manages to make headlines for the wrong reasons. He has been out of the news for a few weeks after his anti-Semitic remarks, but he is now making headlines again for the strange things he did to his former Adidas colleagues in an effort to harass, dominate and manipulate them.

A new article from Rolling Stone has exposed how Kanye West once shared obscene images and videos of his ex-wife and fashion entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. This revelation comes one month after the renowned sportswear firm cancelled its multi-million dollar agreement with West.

In meetings, their ex-boss allegedly used to display exceedingly private images and movies of his then-wife Kim, including his sex recordings, according to more than two dozen Adidas staff members and creative partners.

One participant also described how he used to talk about and play porn at the gatherings.

In the letter, another employee revealed that during a job interview in 2018, Ye showed very ‘revealing and personal’ photo of Kim and said, ‘My wife just sent me this.’ While other revealed that he asked to make a shoe that he can ‘f**k.’

Another senior employee said that West ‘would rattle off in his laptop to play a porn film while he was in a meeting, chatting to others.’

‘And he’s like, I know it’s uncomfortable, but I kind of need this in the background to keep me focused. And you’d be like, Uhhhhh, oh-kay.’ employee adds.

Many other employees have shared their weird experiences with West playing porn videos in different meetings.


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