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Russian parliament bans ‘LGBT propaganda’ among adults; Report

Increased penalties for ‘LGBT promotion’ among adults have been approved by the Russian parliament. A person found guilty of violating the laws might be fined up to $6,554, according to AFP, which means that ‘propaganda’ will be fully outlawed. The maximum penalties for businesses or organisations accused of ‘propagandising atypical sexual interactions’ is $83,131. These conditions only apply to Russian nationals, and if a non-citizen is discovered to have broken them, they risk deportation as well as a 15-day jail sentence.

The regulation is an amendment to a law passed in Russia in 2013 that forbade ‘promotion of atypical sexual relations’ among minors. The ‘promotion of atypical sexual interactions’ is now banned among adults, according to the new regulations. Due to the provisions’ ambiguous nature, the law was notorious for how the government abused it. Numerous times, the authorities perceived such communications as propaganda and utilised that as a successful tactic to track down and detain numerous LGBTQ+ activists around the nation.

After being signed by President Vladimir Putin, the bill will become operative in the coming days. The legislation was only passed a few days after President Putin accused the west of ‘going towards open satanism,’ and it is entirely consistent with Russia’s conservative position under his leadership. He noted the expansion of same-sex and transgender-welcoming laws in several European nations and claimed that they are gradually undermining the culture and traditions of these countries.



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