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Air pollution affects male fertility and sperm quality, says study

A research study carried out researchers at the University of Sheffield claimed that air pollution may have damaging effect on the sperm count of men. It will also reduce the male fertility.

The study  titled ‘Association of Exposure to Particulate Matter Air Pollution With Semen Quality Among Men in China ‘ was conducted on 33,876 participants. It  was published in JAMA Network. The study find that  the effects of pollution are more prominent when exposure takes place during the initial part of the 90 days of sperm creation —spermatogenesis — rather than the other two phases.

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More research out in the field might help answer that question with more certainty in the future. As per the study, control measures to reduce exposure to ambient particulate matter may help increase male fertility and reduce the risk of asthenozoospermia in men.


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