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Kanye West’s misconduct allegations will be investigated by Adidas!

Based on an anonymous tip and a report, Adidas AG announced on Thursday that it is looking into claims that Kanye West acted inappropriately. According to earlier reports, the rapper discussed and played porn in front of the Adidas staff during meetings. He is also accused of displaying a private photo of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian during job interviews.

The business said in a statement that former members of the ‘Yeezy’ team had written a letter in which they claimed Adidas officials were fully aware of his behaviour but decided to ignore it and switch off their moral compass. Adidas issued a statement saying, ‘At this time, it is unclear whether the claims mentioned in an anonymous letter are real’. However, ‘we take these claims extremely seriously and have decided to initiate an independent inquiry into the subject immediately to address the concerns’.

The rapper employed mind tricks and intimidation to control the employees, according to a Rolling Stone piece that quoted anonymous former employees, and his acts were frequently directed at women. The article also included passages from an open letter that some former workers wrote to the shoe firm because they were tired of Ye’s treatment of them. The open letter included descriptions of what former staff employees said West had done to them.

Additionally requesting Adidas to remedy the poisonous and chaotic atmosphere that Kanye West had created,’ the ex-Yeezy staffers’ letter was sent to the company. Many ex-employees remembered the rapper’s fixation with porn and disclosed that the 45-year-old frequently showed them porn on his phone or computer. Moreover, according to the story, Ye once exposed staff members and even a prospective employee to private images and videos of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

Stories of the rapper insulting or mistreating employees are also included in the most recent Rolling Stones exposé. After a string of anti-Semitic rants by the singer last month, Adidas ended its lucrative partnership with him. The business deemed his remarks to be ‘unacceptable, nasty, and harmful’ at the time. The decision dealt the sports retailer a severe financial hit, and it predicted that it would cause a 50% reduction in net profits by 2022.

In its most recent statement, Adidas claimed it has been and would continue to ‘actively engage in dialogues with our workers regarding the circumstances that lead to our decision to dissolve the collaboration.  We are still ironing out the specifics of the termination, but they have our undivided support’, the statement said. After West appeared at a Paris fashion show wearing a shirt bearing the phrase ‘White Lives Matter,’ which was developed as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Adidas began to reassess its relationship with West.

Following anti-Semitic threats, he was banned from Twitter and Instagram for days. West has been one of the top names employed by Adidas to increase sales, particularly online, with Beyonce, Stella McCartney, and Pharrell Williams. The push to quit working with the rapper came from human rights activists and celebrities in the entertainment industry. Along with West, Gap, a US apparel retailer, and Balenciaga, a Parisian design label, recently dissolved their partnerships.


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