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New Indo-Pacific strategy; Canada focuses on ‘increasingly disruptive’ China

China is referred’to as a ‘increasingly disruptive global force’ on the global stage in Canada’s long-awaited Indo-Pacific policy, which was unveiled on Sunday. The policy notes the necessity for collaboration on vital issues including climate change, global health, biodiversity, and nuclear non-proliferation despite the numerous challenges China poses.

The Justin Trudeau administration would anticipate increasing military spending and deepening commercial relations in the Indo-Pacific area with this important foreign strategy. The tactic mentioned: ‘China is a world force that is becoming more disruptive. China wants to change the global order so that it is more tolerant of interests and values that diverge from our own’.

The strategy outlined Canada’s nearly $500 million in spending, including increasing the country’s military presence and cyber security in the area. In order to stop Chinese state-owned enterprises from acquiring crucial mineral supplies, the policy also mentions stringent foreign investment regulations to protect intellectual property.

The policy implies that Canada views China as a significant social and economic power that cannot be ignored and that Beijing would not hesitate to change the rules to serve its interests. Canada even said that it needed to have ‘clear eyes’ on China’s goals. ‘China’s development, aided by the same international laws and standards that it now increasingly disregards, has had a huge influence on the Indo-Pacific, and it has ambitions to become the major force in the area,’ the 26-page statement continued.

Additionally, it mentioned: ‘To develop its economic clout, diplomatic effect, offensive military might, and cutting-edge technology, China is investing heavily. China aims to change the global order into a more tolerant setting for interests and values that increasingly diverge from ours’.


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