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Actor Joe Pesci reveals that he sustained ‘serious burns’ on his head while filming ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New …

While filming a scene in ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ where his hat is set on fire, actor Joe Pesci suffered ‘severe burns’ on his head.

Despite having a body double for the ‘real heavy stunts,’ the 79-year-old actor still sustained injuries as a result of the pranks pulled on his character, including having his hat set on fire by Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister, according to femalefirst.co.uk.

The actor reprised his role as the criminal Harry in the 1992 sequel.

Pesci said: ‘In addition to the expected bumps, bruises, and general pains that you would associate with that particular type of physical humour, I did sustain serious burns to the top of my head during the scene where Harry’s hat is set on fire.’

‘I was fortunate enough to have professional stuntmen do the real heavy stunts.’

Pesci purposefully avoided Macaulay, now 42, while they were filming the ‘Home Alone’ movies in order to ‘preserve the integrity’ of their on-screen relationship.

Because he doesn’t believe any new picture could capture the ‘innocence’ of the originals, the ‘Goodfellas’ actor believes it is doubtful that he will resume the character of ‘Harry’ in the future.


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