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Follow these simple tips to handle a ‘toxic relationship’

To avoid a relationship turning into toxic and to maintain a healthy relationship, follow these steps.

Don’t be an escapist: Never be an escapist in a relationship. Always try to face problems. There can be moments of friction in a relationship. Running away from them will only cause immense pain.

Contemplate over a moment about your role:  Before taking a decision just think about your role in the relationship. You both have to take responsibility for a problem and admit to playing some part in a relationship.

Setting limits: Never lose your individuality while being in a relationship. Be clear about how you feel the need to be treated in a relationship. Be very assertive about your needs. Don’t ever let yourself be emotionally manipulated.

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Consulting experts: Consulting experts can also be a solution for solving your relationship problems.

Ending the relationship: This is one of the most practical way to get rid of a toxic relationship. It is better to end it for the betterment of you and your partner.


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