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Following these tips will help you to have a better sex life

Sex not only brings pleasure and satisfaction to individuals but also improves physical and mental health. Therefore, sex life should be approached very seriously. Every adult should be aware of the common sexual problems faced by their partners. Especially newlywed couples.

In the early days of marriage, the support and encouragement that partners give to each other is very important. The influence of these days on subsequent life will not be small.  Individuals may face many problems when entering the sexual life for the first time. Especially women.

Feeling dryness in the genitals  will decrease sexual pleasure. If the vagina is not lubricated, during male penetration, women may experience pain and this may lead to the breakdown of the relationship. Lubricants can help make intercourse pleasurable for partners without leading to such a stage. There are different types of lubricants available in the market that can be used depending on your needs.

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Many women are shy to reveal their bodies  in front of their husbands. The main reason for this is inferiority complex about one’s own body. At this stage, the support of the partner is the most powerful for any woman.

Never have sex without the full consent of both partners. In order to find pleasure in sex, both must be ready for it mentally and physically.Open communication and caring can make sex more pleasurable.

Cleanliness and cleanliness are essential. It is good to take a bath with warm water before going to bed. A bath will help you spend  quality time with your partner in bed with a fresh body and mind.

Dress plays a big role in sex. Don’t go to bed in the same clothes you have been wearing since morning. Wear clean clothes and go to bed. Untidy clothes make each other less attractive.

Leave unnecessary thoughts and worries in the bedroom. Otherwise sex life may be affected badly.

Have sex only one hour after eating. Do not have sex immediately after eating a full stomach. Dimmed light is always better for sex.


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