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Doing these will make your partner happy in bed

Following some tips will make you a master in love making. Here are some tips to follow in your bedroom.

1. Eye Contact: Add eyes to your partner’s eyes and watch them till she turns away. In such a situation, both of you will come closer to each other.

2. Play with hair: While lying in bed, you should also rub their hair with it. Girls feel more love in such situations and come closer to you.

3. Deep Conversation: This is a special occasion when you can tell them about your heart. Also, do whatever on their forehead.

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4. How to kiss:  Kiss in some special place like their forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and then chin. In such a situation, she herself will bring her lips near your lips.

5. Tight Hug: You can hold them tightly in the arms and keep their head on your chest and let them hear the heartbeat.

6. Do not rush: During sex, do not rush at all because it will not give satisfaction to both of you and the fun of sex can also be bad.

7.Foreplay and after play:  While some men may think sex is mostly about the penetration, a woman needs foreplay and after play. Sex for a woman is not just sex; it’s a physical and emotional reflection of feeling desired.


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