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Doing this after having sex can improve overall health

Sex is both a physical need and a necessity for a person’s emotional and physical well-being. Sexual intercourse affects the physical and mental health of individuals. The time after sex is also a part of this. As per experts, cuddling and kissing each other after having sex can improve overall health of individuals.

Here are some benefits of cuddling and kissing  after sex:

Oxytocin is known as  ‘love hormone’. It is a natural hormone that manages key aspects of the female and male reproductive systems, including labor and delivery and lactation, as well as aspects of human behavior. Cuddling and kissing  after sex will  help produce more oxytocin. It basically helps in improving our mood.

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Oxytocin also promotes happiness. It is also good for people suffering from stress and anxiety. It also enables you to go into a deep sleep. If the partners are in the habit of hugging each other, the hormones serotonin and dopamine will be significantly increased. All these hormones  strengthen our immune system. In this way, diseases can be kept away to some extent.

Hugging each other can help lower blood pressure. When this is done regularly, the risk of heart disease is also reduced. It is understandable to observe that those who have a healthy sex life have fewer physical ailments.

A study published in the leading journal ‘Biological Psychology’ details the reduction in blood pressure when partners hug regularly.

Hugging each other also helps to relieve stress. Experts say that people who have a habit of cuddling with their partner regularly after sex can reduce stress in a good way.

If the partners are in the habit of hugging each other after sex, there will be more intimacy between them. These people can always live with mental closeness.


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