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Foods that help in improving absorption of nutrients in the body and boosting vitamin D levels naturally

Vitamin D is basically a nutrient as well as a hormone, which is also produced by the body. It’s interesting to note that vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that aids in the improved absorption of minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen bones, boost immunity, and promote brain function.

Here are a few foods that help the body absorb nutrients better and naturally raise vitamin D levels. Find out by reading on.


Compared to farmed salmon, fatty fish like wild salmon have a higher content of vitamin D. In reality, 100 grammes of wild salmon can provide up to 160% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D.


One of the healthiest and affordable sources of Vitamin D, amino acids and nutrients that help in improving cell and tissue development, boost bone health and improve immunity. However, poultry eggs have slightly lower concentration of vitamin D as compared to eggs raised outside.

Cow’s milk

Because of the components calcium, phosphorus, and riboflavin, which work together to support bone health, we have long been told about the health benefits of drinking cow’s milk. In reality, vitamin D found in fortified cow’s milk helps to improve general health.


They are a fantastic source of vitamin D due to their exposure to sunshine. In reality, when exposed to UV radiation, mushrooms may spontaneously manufacture vitamin D2. In contrast to wild mushrooms, however, commercially produced mushrooms do not contain as much vitamin D.

Cod Liver

There is no doubting that cod liver, which is derived from fatty fish, can assist to naturally increase vitamin D levels and bone health. Moreover, intake of cod liver oil or fish oil can help in treating bone issues, rickets, psoriasis, tuberculosis and vitamin D deficiency. Around 4.9ml of cod liver oil can boost up to 56% percent of daily vitamin D requirement.


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