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Delhi government considering policy allowing private vehicles to be converted into school taxis

According to sources on Thursday, the Delhi government has prepared a new school cab policy that will permit private cars to be registered as commercial vehicles and be used as school cabs to transport students after some modifications.

The transportation department wants to let private car owners use their vehicles for business purposes. By installing speed limiters and roof carriers for bags, private vehicles can be registered as commercial vehicles under the policy and used to transport students to and from school.

Sources claim that this policy will be implemented once it has been approved by all departments. According to the laws and regulations in place, anyone who wants to operate a cab service for students must purchase a new car and register it as a school taxi.

A CNG-fueled private vehicle with a current fitness certificate, however, can be registered as a commercial vehicle if the new cab policy is implemented. After meeting the requirements, it may also be given a permit to transport students to and from school.

In 2007, the school’s taxi policy was created. Another stipulation was added to it ten years later, in 2017, which stated that only new vehicles could be registered in this category.


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