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‘It’s time to stop giving freebies to ministers, not to the public’: Aam Aadmi Party MP

Raghav Chadha, an Aam Aadmi Party lawmaker, claimed today that in order to secure victory in the Gujarat Assembly elections, his party made Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘walk for 50 kilometres’ in that state. At the NDTV conference ‘Sadda Punjab’ in Chandigarh, he said that the BJP’s senior leaders, including the PM, had to travel 50 miles and knock on voters’ doors as a result of our challenge, which made them work out in the streets.

According to Raghav Chadha, the impact of the AAP’s first victory in the BJP stronghold was less noticeable than the BJP’s victory in the Gujarat elections since the AAP won five seats and established itself as a national party. He supported AAP national convenor Arvind Kejriwal, saying his repeated written declarations that his party will establish the state’s government a ‘campaign tactic’.

‘Every party campaigns to win; nobody does it to lose. Amit Shah promised in writing that they will establish the government in Bengal, and look what transpired. An Innova vehicle can accommodate all of their MLAs there. It is a campaign tactic. We were certain that we would be quite noticeable. I believe that occurred. 13 percent vote share and 5 seats in the first time in the ruling party’s stronghold is a big achievement,’ Mr Chadha said.

AAP’s pre-election pronouncements were also criticised by him for the PM’s ‘free revdi’ remark, and he challenged the BJP to declare that it will halt all preferential advantages for MPs. He accused the PM of being picky about what they consider freebies, asking, ‘Is that not free revdi?’  He defended AAP’s pledges of free power, education, and healthcare, among others, and said that India is constitutionally a welfare state. ‘Money for governments comes from taxpayers via both direct and indirect taxes, and the government must spend on their welfare’, he said.

‘According to our hypothetical scenario, everyone would have access to free services including healthcare, education, and power. People will gain power in that way. A town, region, state, and ultimately a nation that is empowered by its citizens ‘,he stated.  He targeted the BJP, which has frequently claimed that the AAP’s pre-election announcements are giveaways that come at a significant expense to the state’s coffers.

‘Along with free air travel, gas, accommodation, and other amenities, each MP is entitled to 3,000 to 4,000 free units of power every month. But when Arvind Kejriwal does it for the people, they term it revdi, even though the BJP offers all of its politicians similar things for free ‘, he remarked Then he continued, ‘I challenge the BJP to end all free revdi for MPs’.

Raghav Chadha then asserted that despite all of these charity programmes that the BJP scorns, the AAP administration has doubled its state budget without levying any new taxes. Using the debts India has accumulated from the rest of the globe over the past eight years as fodder, he claimed, ‘Our budget has expanded from roughly 27,000 crore to over 70,000 crore without even one new tax’.

‘The entire amount of debt owed by the Indian government from 1947 to 2014 was 55 lakh crore, but it is currently 135 lakh crore. More loans have been taken by the federal government under PM Modi in the past eight years alone than by all other ruling parties together since independence. They don’t even distribute revdi, then how did they get us in so much debt?’ he asked.



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