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These are the most ridiculous sex myths of all times

Every individual has a lot of doubts and myths about sex. Many times, people go behind wrong information’s available. These will mislead a man.

There have always been several common misconceptions or rather myths about sex that often lead to confusion. Here we are answering to some of the most common myths about sex.

The bigger the penis, the better is the sexual experience:  The most common belief among people is that the bigger the penis is, the better is the sex. The size of the penis doesn’t matter as long has he can get it up and hold it until you orgasm. The only important thing is  to be able to satisfy you and it  can be  do it with a penis that’s average or small in size too.

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 Women have to have a hairless vagina: Women don’t necessarily need to have a vagina that’s fully waxed unless they want it.  At the end of the day, it’s all about an individual’s choice and preferences and the other person ought to respect that.

 Sex is painful: Well, not always. It’s only for the first time when you’re having sex that it can be slightly painful. However, if you or your partner are lubricated enough, then there’s no chance of pain but only pleasure!

 The hymen tears only while having sex for the first time: Another most common belief is that a woman’s hymen breaks/ tears only when she’s having sex for the first time. For a virgin to have her hymen broken/ torn only via sex is untrue. A woman’s hymen can break due to several reasons which include: sports or other physical activities.




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