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Coughing patients in the city are on the rise; Report

A rise in viral fever cases has coincided with abrupt changes in nighttime temperatures, and patients are complaining of a protracted cough that lasts for more than two weeks. Senior doctors said that at least 30-35 people were visiting outpatient clinics and hospitals, which is unusual for this time of year.

General practitioner Dr. Gautam Bhansali at Bombay Hospital reported an increase in viral fever cases during the previous two months. Patients’ main complaints include a cold and a persistent cough. ‘ I’ve been seeing around 20 patients a day, the most of whom have chronic coughing episodes. After Diwali, the instances started to increase. The spike was likely caused by poor air quality and abrupt temperature changes’, he added.

Long-lasting dry coughs are puzzling, according to Dr. Bhansali. ‘ Since the majority of people’s immune systems have been damaged by the post-Covid era, I implore folks to seek medical attention if they get a viral fever rather than self-medicate. Infections’ physiological behaviour is difficult to understand’. Dr. Bhansali stated that people should resume mask use and abide by Covid regulations in public settings.

According to a top physician at the government-run hospital, 40% of patients on average display signs of viral infections of the respiratory system. ‘ The elderly and immunocompromised individuals presenting with pneumonia symptoms have higher hospital admission rates. So, it is crucial that this cohort receives the flu vaccination’, according to him.

Additionally, people of different ages are getting respiratory infections, particularly those whose jobs require them to spend a lot of time outside or in enclosed settings. Co-morbidity sufferers and the elderly require a very long time to recuperate, and occasionally, lingering symptoms may take months to go away. Despite reports of viral infections in people of all ages, experts believe children are the most severely impacted. 99% of the cases Dr. Bakul Parekh, a prominent paediatrician, examines are caused by viral fever and illness. ‘Children are recovering in 10 to 12 days as opposed to 4 to 5 days. We are also seeing that within a week or two of their getting well from one infection, they are succumbing to another’, he continued.


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