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Everything you need to know about ‘Mirror Sex’

Mirror sex is a sexual act of enjoying sexual activity in front of a mirror. It is also called katoptronophilia. It  is a beautiful and arousing experience. According to experts, it gives a chance for you to see the physical manifestation of your own pleasure from a third-person perspective. You also get to see yourself from your partner’s point of view.

Mirror sex is a uniquely sexy way to connect with your partner. When you’re having sex in front of a mirror, you can see each other’s facial expressions, look into each other’s eyes, and gauge each other’s pleasure in positions where you’re typically facing away from each other. You can also get a new perspective of your partner’s body, including the areas that usually face away from you. And by reading their facial expressions and watch their reactions to see what’s working you can both make things even better for each other.

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The mirror helps women keep themselves mentally focussed in the act because they do tend to have non-sexual thoughts during sex. It will also increase the confidence as when you look at yourself in the mirror while having sex and realise that no matter what your body shape is, your partner is enjoying your body even then, you become more confident of your looks.


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